What is the material of eps lines and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

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The construction of high-rise buildings or villas outside, including rural self-built houses, can see the use of EPS lines for decoration, what is the material of this EPS lines? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
First, what is the material of EPS lines, and what are the advantages and disadvantages
1, EPS lines is a kind of decorative line for the exterior wall components, gradually replacing the cement components, can be installed directly on the wall of the exterior wall insulation. If you choose a cement component, such as GRC, this material is more difficult to install, because the weight is a little heavier than EPS lines, the installation is more complex, extending the construction period.
2, and EPS lines have the advantage of being able to resist harsh environments and have an advantage in durability, so they are not prone to cracks in long-term use. And from the point of view of appearance, the lines are more fluid and can reflect the luxury of the building. It is also possible to save labour and materials and the whole process is relatively simple. As long as the construction is done properly, it can ensure that there are no cracks in the joints and achieve the needs of waterproofing and fire prevention, completely solving the problem of cold and hot bridges in the insulation wall doors.
3, to say its defects, compared with cement components, the price must be slightly more expensive. At the same time, this component in the production of the need to take the assembly line cutting method, hanging slurry, so relatively high requirements for processing technology, there are some relief can not be done.
Second, what are the exterior wall decoration materials
1, can be roughly divided into four categories, the most common is the curtain wall class, the most frequent use, and there are different materials, there are glass, and aluminum plate made of.
2, can also be decorated through the stone facade, like some state organs office building, basically will use this stone, such as marble or granite, can form a beautiful texture.
3, slightly simpler can choose the real stone paint as the decorative material of the external wall, in addition there is paint class, need to paste after the insulation board and then hanging network, spraying external wall paint.