P-302 EPS Foam Packing Box EPS Fish Box High Foaming Raw Material

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                                                        HIGH EXPANSION GRADE P-302

P-302 0.85-1.25 65-75 13.0-15.0 PSA PKF302XJ

Raw Material Features:

Multiple foaming performance: 6 times, the foam is full and elastic.
Foaming performance: no agglomeration, dry and loose foam material, good fluidity, high foaming ratio, short curing time, and steam saving.
Processability: good bonding, short heating time and wide forming range.
Molded product quality: smooth, bright, good strength, good adhesion and good preservation.

Application Features:

1. Support customization: high-precision fit, the product can be made in any shape to meet your mold requirements
2. Material: EPS foam board has low density, high recovery rate and independent bubble structure.
3. Performance: EPS material, good corrosion resistance, good thermal insulation effect, strong and durable
4. Low water absorption, not easy to deform, high-tech thermal insulation performance, more assured construction


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