E-401 EPS Standard Grade Lost Foam Process Material

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                                                                           STANDARD GRADE E-401 

E-401 0.50-0.80 40-55 18.0-25.0 LOYAL XINDA


1. Foaming performance:no agglomeration, good dry and loose foam flow, and high foaming ratio.
2. Processability: good mold release, excellent bonding, and wide molding range.
3. Molded product quality:high hardness, good toughness, good strength, especially suitable for the production of packaging buffer materials and fishing boxes.
4. Preservation:The raw materials can be used for a long time and the quality is stable.
5. Small static electricity.


Lost Foam Process Characteristic:
1. The castings are of good quality and low cost;
2, the material is not limited, the size is suitable;
3. High precision, smooth surface, less cleaning, saving machining;
4. The internal defects are greatly reduced, and the casting structure is dense;
5. It can realize large-scale and mass production;
6. Suitable for mass production casting of the same casting;
7. It is suitable for manual operation and automatic assembly line production operation control;
8. The production status of the production line meets the requirements of environmental protection technical parameters;
9. It can greatly improve the working environment and production conditions of the casting production line, reduce labor intensity and reduce energy consumption.

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