EPS lines - A New Choice For Decorative Lines

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EPS decorative lines are fireproof and do not emit toxic substances, and are environmentally friendly high-quality decorative building materials. It is a new type of exterior wall decoration line and components, which is more suitable for installation. On the exterior wall EPS and XPS thermal insulation walls, it can not only reflect the European classical and elegant decoration style, but also ensure that the exterior wall of the main building does not appear cold. , Thermal bridge effect. It has the advantages of convenient installation, economy and long durability.

The main technical parameters
EPS polystyrene board (not less than 18kg/m³, B1 class fire protection requirements)
Alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh cloth (not less than 80g/㎡)
Impact strength ≥ 3J;
Wind pressure resistance value and test negative wind load value>12.OKpa;
Vertical tensile strength≥0.1Mpa;
Water absorption ≤500g/㎡
1. Fully demonstrate the smooth and elegant feeling of the building.
2. Architects can boldly develop their design concepts and architectural styles.
3. It is labor-saving, material-saving, easy to operate, safe and reliable, and has good thermal insulation performance.
4. The shape and surface structure of the components are fine and uniform, and the geometric dimensions are accurate (error ≤ 0.5mm).
5. No cracks in the seams, water resistance, fire resistance, anti-leakage, weather resistance and durability.
6. No potential danger, light weight, easy to carry and high safety.
7. Completely solve the problem of cold and thermal bridges in thermal insulation walls, doors and windows.
8. The installation components can be directly attached to the tiles (stone) below 30kg/m².