Do you know lost foam casting? Do you know what it does?

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Lost foam casting (also known as solid mold casting) is a solid mold casting in which foam plastic molds use dry sand without binders combined with vacuum technology. After drying, it is buried in dry quartz sand to vibrate and shape, poured under negative pressure to make the model gasify, and the liquid metal occupies the position of the model. After solidification and cooling, a new type of casting method is formed.

Compared with traditional casting technology, lost foam casting has the following characteristics:
1. The castings are of good quality and low cost;
2, the material is not limited, the size is suitable;
3. High precision, smooth surface, less cleaning, saving machining;
4. The internal defects are greatly reduced and the organization is dense;
5, to achieve large-scale, mass production. The automated assembly line is environmentally friendly.
6. It can greatly improve the working environment, reduce labor intensity and reduce energy consumption.

Compared with traditional sand casting, lost foam casting has the following significant advantages:
1. Lost foam casting does not require parting and core lowering, so it is especially suitable for box, shell and bobbin castings with complex geometry and difficult to complete traditional casting.
2. The dry sand buried model for lost foam casting can be used repeatedly, with less industrial waste and significantly lower costs.
3. There is no flash burr in lost foam casting, and the cleaning time can be reduced by more than 80%.
4. Lost foam casting can be used for multiple purposes in one line, not only for cast iron, ductile iron, but also for steel castings at the same time, so the transfer item is flexible and has a wide range of applications.
5. Lost foam casting is not only suitable for mechanized operation of large batches of castings, but also suitable for manual splicing models of small batches.
6. If the investment in lost foam casting is in place, it can achieve no dust in the air, no sand on the ground, low labor intensity, and a good working environment, turning an industry dominated by male workers into an industry dominated by female workers.
7. Lost foam casting cancels the modeling process. People with a certain level of education can become skilled workers after a short period of training. Therefore, it is especially suitable for areas and enterprises that lack technical strength.
8. Lost foam casting is suitable for group casting, dry sand buried mold is easy to lose sand, and castings of certain materials can also be subjected to residual heat treatment according to the application.
9. Lost foam casting is not only suitable for small and medium-sized parts, but also for large-scale castings, such as: machine bed, large-diameter pipe fittings, large-scale cold stamping mold parts, large-scale mining equipment accessories, etc. It's short, so it's particularly well-received.